Thursday, November 14, 2013

a lot of randomness and a serious hair decision...

Lots of exciting things are happening
I made my first Etsy sale last weekend and i shipped
the order out on tuesday, and the money i made
was transferred into my bank account yesterday...
Which made me feel really important for some reason.
I had a blast making more feathers for Chelsy over at B Couture Photography
She is so talented and i am SO excited to see her use my feathers 
as a backdrop to her amazing photos!!

School is basically done now.
I mean there's still a few weeks until graduation
but i'm basically done...i still have projects and tests but....
the senioritis is taking a serious toll on my i'm done ;)
Also i just came to the realization that life is like the hunger games.
Think about go to school from age 5-22 so that you can 
get a degree in a specific field, once you have that degree
you are thrown out into the "real world" to go get "that job"
and in order to get "that job" you basically have to beat out
all of your competition...which means the other 10 million
people that just graduated at the same time you did...
It's one big hunger games arena out there..
which is why i'm going to England for a while haha

I'm going home this weekend :)
Last trip home before graduation and a nice chance
to hang out with the Fam before i head to see Tom 

8 days people!!
8 DAYS!!!

On Saturday i'm getting my hair done :)
And lets just say it's about freaking time...
I need a haircut so bad and i'm toying with the idea
of changing up the color a little.

This isn't my first rodeo with changing hair color.
I've been extreme blonde and extreme brunette and i've even
done a little red here and there.

I'm really loving number 2, 6, 7 but i can't decide what i want to do.
I feel like I really want to change things up because i'm about
to graduate and start fresh and i want a fresh look.
What number is your favorite?
Help a girl make a decision...
Let me know in the comments :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!
This time next week i'll be on a plane ;)



  1. I love the color of #6, but I love the cut of #2.

    Also I graduated and moved to France, so I totally get why you're going off to England. :)

    1. Ahh yes I was thinking that too, I think that would look amazing!!

      Haha I think it's just exciting to go somewhere, to go on an adventure :)

  2. #2 for sure! But hey, I like you for the way you are naturally anyway! :-D

    1. #2 is a serious contender :) and thank you, I try to stay as natural as possible haha no pink or blue ;)

  3. I love #2 but with the color of #5!

    1. Ahh yes, I'm thinking the same thing, except maybe #2 cut with #7 color :)

  4. First of all, congrats on the etsy sale! That is awesome! One of my goals is to open and etsy shop! I've got the same problem as you with the hair! I'm getting my hair done next week and definitely wanna switch it up, but I'm scared to try something new! We'll see what happens. I personally LOVE #6!

    1. Thank you thank you!! It's so exciting, I just hope more orders come In haha ;) oh girl don't be scared, just find something natural looking and you're going to look amazing :) I get a little nervous too and then I realize, hair grows and color fades haha so just take the chance ;) number 6 is amazing, I am seriously considering this one! :)

  5. Congrats on the etsy sale! That is SO EXCITING!
    Thaaaaaaank goodness there's not slaughtering in our own personal world of hunger games :) Or at least, thank goodness that's against the law?
    Good luck making your decision on your hair! I never change mine up, and I'm a hair stylist! I'm lame!