Thursday, November 7, 2013

Two Weeks until England

Yesterday was such a great day.
Would have only been better had i been with Tom.
But our time is coming...IN FACT...two weeks from today
I will be boarding a plane and flying over to Loverpool ;)
haha..see what i did there ;)
I crack myself up!!

Two weeks until England.
Is this real life?

The last time i was in England was April of 2012.
It was our last day as Study abroad students.
I remember that we wanted to see London one last time
however we were unaware that we were about to 
run smack dab into the London Marathon.
That was an interesting experience.

I love England, i know it's a little gloomy
and cold most of the time but it's full of amazing history
that we just don't have here in the USA.

Plus my boyfriend is a Historian!
It's true, he was a History Major in Uni.
So I've got my own personal Historian to show me around.

I keep telling Tom that we should be tour guides.
I can make snacks for the tour group and he can give
them all of the historical information that they could ever want.
We're basically the Dream Team!

ALSO...Since it's November
Tom is growing his beard out again.
We're documenting the progress with a picture a day
in hopes that by the end of it we can create a flip book
for Tom to keep as a memory and also as a test of
how fast can his beard actually grow ;)

Yay Beardy Tom!!

I hope that you lovely people have a wonderful Thursday!

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