Thursday, December 5, 2013

Etsy Success!!

I am having a blast making stuff through Etsy.
I've had 13 sales and i know that's not really that many
but it is still really really exciting to a girl who's
trying to raise money for a 5 month stay in England ;)

Every time i make a new canvas i decide its my new favorite.
I wish i could make these all day long, they're so pretty and fun to put together.

If you want to stop by my little shop just go {here}
All i am making currently is the canvases and feather garlands :)
But those two items are enough for now since i've
got a pretty busy life at the moment.

I graduate next Saturday...from College...
And my last day of class is tomorrow...
And it might get cancelled because of snow
which kind of makes me feel cheated in a way.

It's funny though...i never felt cheated when i skipped on purpose ;)
But now that it's my last day i kind of want to know...

This is going to be an interesting weekend.
Y'all stay warm and dry.

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