Saturday, February 15, 2014

How far we've come

I'll start out by saying...London was amazing!!
We had such a great time!!!

But it wasn't the city itself that had me smiling,
it was the guy holding my hand as we 
strolled down the streets of London.

I'll share more about London on Monday.
You'll hear all of the funny stories that we have
about people making babies on the Tube
and some of the mishaps that made
the trip hysterically fun.

But for now i just want to talk about
how far we've come.


As I was scrolling through some pictures 
on the bus ride back to Liverpool 
I started feeling all mushy inside.
Basically I was one big squishy Emily.
So full of love for this British guy sitting next to me
snoozing against the bus window ;)

I was also amazed at our story.
I'm not trying to sound big headed but our story is
pretty unique and pretty fabulous.

We started out as two 22 year olds perusing the web
and now here we are basically exploring the world together.

Tom has never failed to be just as incredible 
as i always knew him to be when we were just
skyping the days away.

I've known this whole time what an amazing guy he is.
He proves it on a daily basis.

It's so easy with him.
I mean traveling is a true test
of a relationship because
when you miss a bus or a plane or a train
or lose souvenirs or get bad service
or just get on each others nerves
you will see the true person
inside the polite person that you normally see.

But Tom is just the best person to travel with.
In fact he's just the best person in general.
We, as a pair, work exceptionally well together.

Travel is easy, it's fun and carefree...
sure stuff happens..but we're so laid back
that we just laugh and move on.

He's my best friend and this relationship
is one of the best things to happen to me.

I'm so happy and blessed that I get to spend my
days around this great guy who loves me 
and loves exploring with me.

And as I sit here writing this...and looking back at skype pictures,
I realize I'm done with that part of our relationship.
Done as in...I don't want that part back.

I don't want to go back to skyping.
I'm happy with things as they are right now.
In person...

I have a few more months here
before I go back to Texas.

But to be perfectly honest with you,
I'm going to hate having to leave.

These 5 perfect as they are,
are going to take a toll when it's all over.
Because I'll have to go without him for a while
and I just really wish there was a way around that.

Smuggle him over to Texas...
hmmm ok ;)

I can't wait to start exploring more
permanent ways to be together ;)

And i can't wait to share London
stories with you on Monday!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog and your trips you go on. and I'm sure London is fabulous and anywhere else you go. and the love you and your man have for each other is amazing.