Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We bring the strikes

When we were in Oakland CA
there was an underground and bus strike.

We were unlucky.
It ruined our chances of seeing
more of San Francisco.
It was sad.

We're going to London Thursday morning.
And the second round of the London Underground strike
starts today and will go until Thursday night.
Unless they stop "willy waving" and fix the problem.
{their words...not mine} 

I think we are cursed.
There is striking every where we turn.
I hope it's handled so that everyone involved 
is happier which means we will be happier ;)

So if the strike continues up until Thursday night
then we will be walking just about everywhere we go.

I know the Natural history museum is on the list...

It looks pretty freaking awesome.

We're also staying like a block away from Kensington Palace.
So i'm going to be on a constant lookout for Kate and George.

Notting Hill is also really close
which means a little galavant down
Portobello Road is definitely on the list.

And of course i'll also pretend that I am Julia Roberts
and Tom is Hugh Grant...

Actually if you really think about it..
We can pull off those characters quite well ;)

We have lots of options close to where we are staying.
So even if we have to walk it won't be that bad.

I am SO excited and ready to get there!!

Have a great day
and if you're all snowed in back home
stay safe and warm...

I know it will be in the 70's this weekend in Texas.
So just hang in there guys ;)



  1. You can still get around via tube! It would be completely shut down, just certain bits. I got from Zone 4 to Central London last Wednesday with only a slight delay. Just double check all your routes. x

  2. The tube strikes are really the only thing I don't miss about living in London! If you two are looking for a lunch spot, I highly recommend visiting J & A Cafe in Clerkenwell (about a 5-10 minute walk from the Farringdon stop) and getting their club sandwich. You might think it's weird that of all the food in the world I'd recommend a club sandwich, but trust me on this one. (http://jandacafe.com/) For dinner, I'd totally recommend Hare & Tortoise in Bloomsbury (though they have several locations around the city) and the curry laksa soup - I still dream about this. The restaurant always has a super long queue, but is pretty cheap and relaxed. Be sure to explore as much of St. James' park as possible - it's one of the prettiest bits of London in my opinion. You can't go wrong with Notting Hill, it's such a lovely little area. Have a great trip!

  3. The best way to explore a city is walking anyway. Also, I believe you meant Natural History Museum - which is pretty cool.