Saturday, March 1, 2014

Primark (It's a love hate thing)


A place where you can find amazing deals
on some pretty fashionable clothes | Shoes | Accessories.
It's a blasty blast in there.


A place where you can also be run over by crazy
erratic women in search for those amazing deals.
Where's my mom...i'm scared!!!

For those of you that don't know about Primark, let me explain.

When I was studying abroad in Paris we took a week long trip to London.
This is where Lauren (Aspiring Kennedy) changed our lives forever
with a shop that would make Walmart prices shake in their boots.

She walked us into Primark, i'm pretty sure the angels started singing,
and she sent us off into the glorious direction of every girls shopping dreams.

A dress for £5!!!!

Jewelry for £1!!!

Shoes for £2!!!!!

If Unicorns were real they'd be prancing around primark
because it's just that dang amazing...

But the amazingness comes with a cost..
The people in there are capital C Crazy!!!

They push they shove, they'd probably rip out your hair
for that last size 12 of that amazing dress that's flying off the racks.

It's dangerous in there!
In fact I was just in there buying a bag
because my other one that I bought in there 
sucks pretty bad.

As i was walking through I was being pushed and shoved
and I was noticing others being pushed and shoved and basically
taking a beating all for the sake of a good deal...

I'd be lying if i said that i hated primark.
I, in fact, love it a little too much.

Other stores that i used to think were relatively cheap 
have become outrageously expensive.

Like F21...
I go in there and i'm like..
"How am i meant to afford this £20 pound bag"
It's insane, it's a mind game, and well, i'm totally hooked.




  1. oh, primark!
    i lived in england for a little while and i know exactly what you mean. i had to be at a certain place mentally before i could dive in to the chaos that is primark, haha. however, like you said..their deals are amazing! i haven't shopped there in almost five years and no lie, i still have some of the same articles of clothing that i bought years ago...and i still wear them!
    and i am totally with you on forever 21! their prices have gone way, way up!

    1. Yea I still have a few things from two years ago when I was last over here :) F21 makes me sad, they have some good stuff!!

  2. Yea.., I feel the same way. My favorite scarf is from Primark and it was literally $3. But my best friend got all her stuff stolen from her bag in a Primark, so that's not such a fond memory. Then there's what goes on in Bangladesh to ensure such low low prices at places like Primark (that building collapse that killed 1000 workers last year? that was a Primark factory, along with Walmart and a bunch of other retailers.)

    1. That's the major downside to places like primark, I did an ethical speech on sweat shops in college. It's crazy how many brands we all buy from that are made in sweatshops! :( its hard to know where you can buy stuff anymore.

    2. I agree. It is almost like what shops do not have some illegal happenings going on. Especially when you are talking about super large companies that may not know what goes on in the lower levels in other countries. We are getting Primark in Bath this summer and I am looking forward to it as I havent shopped for myself very much. I tend to hit up the charity shops when I need something 'new'.

    3. Totally agree, Bonnie! When this happened I was very up in arms about it and looked pretty extensively into stores that were sweatshop conscious, and there just isn't much out there at all. And they're not particularly affordable, either.

      Plus, as terrible as sweat shops are, you're not doing the workers any favors by not buying the clothes that give them jobs. I wish I knew the solution!