Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Months & Italia

Today marks three months in Liverpool.
How crazy is that??

It's weird because sometimes i feel like i've been here
for a year and other times it feels like only a day.

But in reality it's been three months.
Three of the best months ever, i might add.

In other news Italy is booked for the end of the month.
We are SO excited for four days under the warm tuscan sun.
Pizza, Gelato, beaches and sightseeing.
We are so ready!!

I've been doing too much shopping lately, in preparation for Italia.
Lets just say i'm glad i'll get a little money back from 
my taxes in the near near future.
I need it!!

This month will be an exciting one.
I can't wait for Italy, but at the same time I can,
because i'm not ready for this journey to come closer to an end.

In other other news...
I've given up sweets, again.
This is like the 1000th time i've done this.
I have a mega mega sweet tooth.

I've decided to cut sweets till we leave for Italy
and I want to weigh myself every time we go to the gym
to see if cutting sweets does anything for my weight.
We shall see.

I need a little motivation towards the no sweets quest
so i'll be posting on here for the next twenty or so days
with statements like this one.

'One day with no sweets'
Go me!!

I'm already having withdrawals ;)

Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. I admire people who have the strength to actually stay away from sweets! I can definitlely not do it long but I decided to give it up for the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I was planning on giving it up for lent but was too weak. One week should be steps ;-)

    1. I tried giving up chocolate for lent and well it lasted like 5 minutes haha If I see any changes from not eating sweets then that will make me feel better about all of this haha :)

  2. you know, perhaps it's not so much about giving things up as it is about moderation. It's easy to fail when we 100% cut things out of our life. If I told patients to stop eating the things they love, they'd just roll their eyes at me (and trust me, they do!) But if you can cut back your sugar intake- think dessert once a week, or a small mug of ice cream instead of a heaping bowl- it might be a more reasonable goal for you than eliminating it altogether. After all, life should be lived- it's too short not to indulge every now and again!

    1. Haha I agree, moderation is better!! I'm really only cold turkeying it till Italy just to see if I feel any different, maybe after I'll go into moderation mode ;) you're right though, life is way too short not to have sweets in your life ;)

  3. I'm giving up sweets (and alcohol) until the end of the month too! Also, so jealous that you get to go to Italy! That would be awesome!