Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The final days

I remember telling people that I was coming
over here to spend 5 months with Tom.

The replies were mixed.
Some thought it was "SO COOL"
while others were like "Wow...that's a long time"
Followed by worried wide eyed looks.

Well 5 months sounds like a long time 
until you're in your final days and then those 5 months
just aren't long enough at all!!

I know my parents and sibs and family and friends
are sooooo ready to see this shining face of mine.

They text me saying
"I'm so excited, it's almost time"
I text back
"I know, i'm excited too"
They text back 
"Don't lie ;)"


Well truth is I am very excited to see everyone.
I can't wait to see the fam and hang with some friends.
But I think by now everyone knows that I've been cut in half.

Half of me will be in Texas celebrating my homecoming
while the other half is over here with my boo thang.

I'm actually not sure i'll ever be whole.
Being in a long distance relationship makes
being whole a very daunting task.

Because when I'm here with Tom and his family
I'm missing my family and when I'm in Texas I'm
missing Tom and his family.

It's very likely that I won't feel totally whole until
there is some sort of event where the entire family is present a get together wedding...

I'm just SO happy that I don't have to be without
Tom for very long since he's coming to Texxaass in August.

We've been checking Sky Scanner like it's our job.
Trying to find cheap flights from Manchester to Dallas is
becoming veryyyy difficult.

So we're getting a little creative to get the cost down.
Like flying Tom to Ireland via a budget airline then from
ireland to New York for much cheaper than Manchester to Dallas
and then from New York to Dallas via our budget airlines.
Doing all of that ^^^ rather than just flying MAN-DAL
would save Tom around £300 or $500.
Yesssssss Please!

We've got some fun plans for the last few days.
They include lazing around in matching outfits...

We'll also be researching some new ways to spend more time together next year,
like Tom getting an internship in the USofA more specifically Texas!!

And finally we'll be partying!!
It's Tom's birthday on Saturday.
He's going to be 24.

I'll be dating an older man for a few months.
It's pretty exciting stuff ;)

I may not blog too much between now and when I leave.
I've got some pretty important stuff to be doing over the next few days.

I did promise a Tom blog though so i'll try and get him to get that posted
before I leave or at least right after I get back.

Hope you all have a great week!!


  1. I dont want to leave England either! I feel your pain girl! I've nominated you for the Liebster award here blog it forward if you want :-)