Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Over emotional

Oookkk so am I the only one who
turned 24 and then became an emotional blob??

I'm not even sure that turning 24 has anything to do with it.

Actually I think i've been like this for close to a year now.

I get choked up about some of the weirdest things.
Some of it is sentimental or actually emotional stuff.

Like dog adoption commercials or old people in love.

crying gif photo: happy crying tumblr_md1bvewWHT1r5zema.gif

Other times it's just totally silly...

For example....The other day I was walking into a Target with
my mom and my mom asked me if I thought this was
a target was a good which I replied "uhhh is there a bad one?"

Then I looked up and saw on the outside of the building that
this specific Target had just been remodeled.

So I say to my mom...
"Ohh hey, this target has been...(emotional pause)....remodeled"
During the emotional pause my throat got tight and I
could feel the tears inch closer to the corner of my eyes...

I almost cried over a remodeled target.


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