Friday, October 17, 2014

The B-2 Visa

It's officially official.
After about an hour of filling out information forms
Tom is on his way to being the owner of a B-2 VISSAAAA!!!

Ah the exciting lives that we live ;)

Tom started the B-2 visa process yesterday.
He filled out the DS-160 form and submitted it to the US consulate.

Now he's just got to apply, pay the fee and interview.

He'll have to trek down to London for his interview
because it's the closest US consulate.

I wish I could trek to London
for visa stuff but i guess i'll just have to live through
him and the pictures he'll be sending me constantly ;)

He's probably not even going to have time
to wave at Big Ben because we're thinking he'll
just go down to London in the morning and do his interview
and then head back via the train that afternoon.

Just a quick pop in and out.

So that's all going to be happening relatively soon.
Hopefully within the next week or so.

Then after he gets the visa we'll
be booking a flight and planning for his 
arrival back in Texas!!

We're planning on him being here from January-July
which is so so so exciting!!!!

There are so many USA adventures 
that we'll finally get to do because he'll actually
have time to unpack and get comfortable here!

It's going to be SO amazing!!

Luckily I don't have to wait too long before he's
here again and we're back together!!


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