Monday, November 17, 2014

It was one of thhooossseeee nights...


So last night was fun....pause...not!!

Let's start at the beginning...

I got off work around 5:50 and I knew
I needed some more salad stuff so I went to target.

I bought a really adorable and comfortable sweater.
So i mean the night was starting out on a good note.

The cash register man in Target asked me if I wanted a Red Card.
You know so I could save 5% every time I shop at target.
I said no, (face palm) i'm pretty sure that's where my luck went bad.
Always say yes to Target savings!!
Learn from my mistakes.

The reason I believe it was saying NO to targets Red Card
that gave me bad luck is because as soon as I said no
I realized I forgot to buy a bottle of water.
You see, I was very thirsty.

So I was like...meehhhh I'll just stop at Sonic.

(Drives to Sonic)

I order a sprite at sonic.
I'm all like...yay sprite...It tastes so good.

So it's time to go...
I TRY to start my car...

Dun dun duuuunnnnn

My battery is dead.
Not like dead dead because my lights still work
I can still listen to the radio and what not but
when I turn my key I hear the clicking.
The clicking is bad.

Soooo I do what any stranded gal would do.
I push the red button..

Me -"Ehhh excuse me, my car is dead, is there anyone that can help me?"
Sonic - "Sure thing ma'am I'll send someone out"

Sonic rules!!

So this nice guy comes out and pulls his car around
and proceeds to jump my car.
Or attempt to jump it...

Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnnn

No luck, no luck at all.
It's dead, so dead!!

So I call my dad and he calls AAA.
AAA is on the way.

The nice sonic guy offered to let me
sit in his warm car while I waited but you know me
I passed up on that super generous offer because
"I'll be ok, I'm good"

5 minutes later on the phone with Tom.
"I'm so freaking cold, I can see my breath, I feel the hypothermia"

About 15-20 minutes later AAA made it 
and started doing their thaannggg.

First of all...FIST PUMP to AAA.
They are awesome!!

So on the spot, right then and there, I got a new battery.

At this point I had been off of work for like 2 hours...
I was 10 minutes from where I work and 10 minutes from my house.

Stuck in the middle.

But now with my new battery I was on my way.

Well not quite yet because in all of the battery hoopla
I realized I was out of gas.
Like below the E...

Soooo I pulled into the gas station next door
and I parked, opened my gas flap thing,
unscrewed my gas cap and put it on my trunk.

I put in my card and tell the machine it's Debit
and the machine is like so broke so I get frustrated.

I get frustrated because it's cold and I'm ready
to go home and this stupid pump isn't working
and I get frustrated..

So I jump in my car and drive...

Dun dun duuuunnnnnnnn

I forgot a few things in my haste...

Like the fact that the gas flap was open and my gas cap was on my trunk.

So as soon as I whip around the pump I see my gas cap
rolllinnnggg and rolling and rolling into the middle of main street.

I park real quick because I need to close the flap and retrieve the cap.

So I watch as cars nearly run over my cap...
And then one does run over it...
And then for like .5 seconds there are no cars...
So I decide to run out onto main street and grab
my BROKEN gas cap.

I mean this is main street.
There's nothing calm about it.
And I ran into the middle of it for a broken gas cap.

I get back in my car and oh yea i'm on the phone with Tom.

I was on the phone with Tom when my car wouldn't start
and on the phone with him when I lost my gas cap.

So if you were to ask Tom about my commentary during all of this
it would probably look something like this...

Dead Battery

"Oh no...oh no oh no oh no...
The lights are still on...I DON'T UNDERSTAND???!!!
I need to call my dad, babe I'm calling my dad..I love you"

Gas Cap

"Uggghhhhhh babe this gas pump isn't working...
I'm leaving, I'm out of here!!! 
OH CRAP BABE, ohhhh crapppppppp noo come back noooooo
Babe my gas cap, i forgot it....
It rolled into the street...main street babe..
OHHH CRAP it's just been run over..
I'm going to run and go get it...
Babe I got it, I got it babe!!
It's broken...uuggghhhhhh!!!!"

Poor Tom haha

So after all of this...
I go to Walmart because my mom asked
me to get a picture developed for a party she's doing at school.

So I just wanted to go home but I knew she needed it so I went to Walmart.

I just needed one picture and the machine said it would take 23 minutes.
So I wait, I want to be home but I wait...


I get a text from my dad...

"Mom doesn't need the picture,
she got it on Saturday"


I leave, get gas, get panda express and go home.

Now I'm here relaying this to you guys ;)

I think the biggest lesson here is to
never say no to Target...

ANNNDDD to chill out a little.
I overreacted about a lot of this because at the time
it was really dramatic and I was really dramatic.

Take a breath and just let it be what it is and move on.

When it rains it pours people, make sure you got a hefty brelly ;)



  1. I think the best part is you went to Target for salad stuff, and went home with Panda. :) This sounds like a great adventure!

    1. haha YES! I should have just eaten the Salad, our Panda Express is never as good as I want it to be.

  2. Lol, problems only get bigger as you get older. Think of incidents like these as practice runs, then when the real shit hits the fan, you'll be prepared. :)