Monday, December 1, 2014

You gotta see this (CREATE YOUR OWN FONT)

So occasionally I come across something mind blowing.
When this happens i feel obligated to share the news.

I had NO idea how people made their own font.
It confused me to no end...however I never actually
looked into the process to see it for myself.
Until now...

I was perusing the web last night and
I came across

I'm either that LAST person to find this
or I'm sharing info that is needed by everyone.

I'm not sure which way it is.

If you already knew about this site then
shame on you for not sharing it with me sooner ;)
Just kidding, no shame, I'm just bitter it took me so
long to make this life changing discovery.

Ok so here's what you do...
Go to and follow the directions.

Basically you'll print this template...
There's two's the first.

You print the templates out and then you
basically write your fonts out in the spaces.

It's kind of like going back to Kindergarten.
You find the space with the letter or number you want
and you write over the letter, except you're not tracing the letter
you're creating your own unique letter or number.

Get creative, get funky, have fun with it.

THEN after you're done with that little bit
you will scan the template so you have it back
on your computer because you're going to upload
the file to create your font.

Upload and name your font and then once 
you submit it you'll see this come up....

Then you'll click Download annnddd VOILAAA!!!

Your font is downloaded as font.
It's CRAZY!!!

If you have a mac once you install the font
 it will show up in your font book and then you
can move it into Microsoft office.

If you have a PC then...I don't know ;)
You might have to google how that works.

But freaking cool is that??

I've done it a few times but my handwriting is just
 meehhh so I need to work on that.

But I'm just so excited about this
and I thought you might be too ;)

I hope you're all having a great week!!


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    1. I know right!! I can't believe it's this easy to do haha!!

  2. THIS IS AMAZING! You always find the coolest things!

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