Monday, December 31, 2012

London Part 2

Here's a post from our trip to London This past spring

LONDON day three,four&five
Day 3 - March 31st
Oxford and Stratford-upon-avon

Saturday morning we all woke up knowing it was going to be a long...but enjoyable day. Looking at the calendar we left at 8 and wouldn't get back to the hotel until around midnight...good thing i wore my walking shoes!
We loaded onto a personal bus and took off towards Oxford! Now the only things i know about Oxford is that there is a University there and a lot of Harry Potter scenes were shot there...and Emma Watson lives there, And I came away knowing a little bit more about the school...which is an impressive institute, and a little bit more about the town itself!

Oxford University!
After our City tour we had about an hour to wonder around...and of course us girls did some shopping, we all bought Oxford sweatshirts that had the Crew emblem on it, so we can show off back in the states.....yea...After that we headed over to a little place called The Eagle and Child which some of you might know and some of you might not know...Well the Eagle and Child is a pub that had been part of an endowment belonging to University College since the 17th century. It has associations with the Inklings writers' group which included J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Yea so C.S. Lewis ate here....maybe wrote here....talked to other famous people here....kind of crazy!
After Lunch we hopped on the bus and headed towards the hometown of Shakespeare!! 
YES, mid afternoon snack...milkshakes from Moo Moo's which has THE BEST milkshake i think iv'e ever was delish!
after milkshakes we headed here....the picture above is shakespeare's house where he was born and lived as a was pretty neat to walk through and they had actors throughout the property making things.....interesting haha!!
Later after the house tour we went to dinner and THEN....we went to see the tempest aka a shakespeare was pretty good i mean seeing a shakespeare play in his hometown by the royal shakespeare company.....i mean that's incredible!! Super fun day :)

Day four
Westminster abbey for church, yes where will and kate were married...sigh..had wedding flashbacks the whole time :)
we then went to lunch at a little pub...little did we know they were filming the new james bond movie right behind james bond....judy dench was apparently in the car shooting a scene...kind of amazing!!! 
After lunch we went to kensington Palace and walked around :) and later in the day we just kind of got to hang out and rest!

Day 5
So this was our last day and we wanted to see the changing of the guards so....we did haha we went over to Buckingham Palace and stood for about an hour till it started....and you know it's not that interesting but its something you have to do :) i enjoyed the music especially the lional ritchie throwback they played haha!! :)

thanks for reading.

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  1. Your trip seems to be great...perfectly clicked pics..I felt cool while reading your article.It took me to London within a seconds while reading your article.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Traveling