Monday, December 31, 2012

Travel Post, London Part 1

LONDON day one&two

This is an excerpt from my blog while traveling in London, England

Ah London, the city of.....of....well a lot of things! we arrived in London via the Chunnel from Paris yesterday around ten in the morning. We dropped our bags off and began a tour of the city with our tour guides Lauren and Tyler...yes our directors/generals/leaders were our tour guides which is appropriate since they live here when there not with a school group! Now we walk to the british museum, we find an outdoor market we just kind of beebop all over town until it's time to check into our hotel. After checking in we get dressed for the night and then head out for dinner at Pizza Express which ended up being delicious :) 
After dinner we headed to the West end to see the Musical production of Billy Elliot which was fantastic...I mean it's kind of sad to watch a kid who's like 12 dance so much better than you could ever dream for yourself...he was was the whole show. Simply Amazing!!
We headed back to the hotel and all crashed for the night.

Wake up and head to St. Paul's know the one where Princess Diana and Charles were married at....
Yea, kind of exciting and by kind of i mean i was kind of geeking out the whole time....This cathedral didn't allow pictures inside but i can tell you it's gorgeous, if you ever ever get a chance to go then do it!!!
After St. Pauls we headed over to..........Shakespeare's Globe theater which is pretty neat!
We had a tour around the Theater and learned lots about it like for instance that it was erected in 1997...i came in thinking it was older than that but it's supposed to look exactly like the old one so it was indeed really neat!
After the Globe we headed to an outdoor market for lunch, i got a meat pie, chicken and peppers and stuff it was pretty good, for a drink we all got this...
Most of us got an apple cranberry drink which delicious!
Then Finally we headed over to Primark which is a shopping store...Lauren told us before we went that it was cheap chic clothes and that we would probably pee our pants when shopping inside because they have so much cute stuff...and she was right....
i was incredibly overwhelmed because there was SO MUCH! i ended up getting 2 pairs of shoes, some skinny jeans, a pretty salmon colored floor length skirt, a cream blouse, a ring and a hair accessory all for 48 pounds..which is pretty please don't convert that into dollars or i won't feel as good about it! ;)

Anyways that's been London so far, were here till monday so keep a look out for more Blogs to come!


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