Monday, January 21, 2013

Be my Valentine!!

We have a chalkboard in our kitchen and it's become 
somewhat of a center piece for the room!!
My dad made it using a board+chalkboard paint then 
added the wooden border which is our old fence 
that we took down to make way for a newer/nicer fence!!
The wood is seriously gorgeous, couldn't have worked out better!

So i first decorated the chalkboard for Christmas as you can clearly see here :)

When we got back from school it was clearly not christmas anymore
so it was time to redo the board.
It took me 3 seconds to think of the perfect thing to write on the board,
mostly because i was listening to Mumford and Sons when i decided to re-do the board.
"Where you invest your love you invest your life"
Probably one of my favorite Mumford Lyrics of all time!!
It's incredibly true, that whatever you put your love into
you're going to have to put your life into it also, if it's that important to you!!

I'm enjoying the new festive chalkboard 
and i'm enjoying the thought of Valentines day even more than usual!!

This might be sad but the best valentines i've had was probably in the third grade when my little boyfriends mom bought me a teddy bear and a huge heart shaped box of chocolates....
Valentines has been pretty slow ever since...
you can blame that on the fact that i'm the pickiest girl in the world!!!

I'm happy to say that I do have plans for this valentines day :-) 
{British boy plans}
We're sending each other ValBox's...aka valentines boxes!!!
with sweet little treats inside and sweet letters :)
It's all pretty exciting...i really can't wait.....i'm actually SO EXCITED...

Valentines day is 25 days away and walmart and target 
have been prepping for it since December 26th!!
I like to call them holiday Preppers!!!

Have a good monday


  1. Love the chalk board! So cute and such a great and easy idea! Yea for Valentine's Day!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren :) It really is so easy, and it changes the look of the whole room :)

  2. My VDay will be less than exciting. The bf and I will be driving halfway to my home state that night, and the rest of the way the next morning. My little brother's birthday is the 15th, and I'm attending a bridal shower for my best friend the 16th.

    Nothing says romance like a road trip, right...?

    1. haha well your pretty busy aren't you!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy a nice drive alone with your main squeeze :) I'm actually planning a little road trip with my main squeeze for when he gets here haha they can totally be romantic :) Pack a picnic, maybe make a pitstop at a fun restaurant :)