Friday, January 18, 2013

Take me back to Europe!!!

Last time i was home i visited Central Market with my mom and sister.
We were preparing to make Raclette which is SO TASTY...
if you've never had it find it and make it and thank me later!!

One of my FAVORITE things in the entire world is Raspberry Jam on a baguette.
I mean that was my breakfast every morning in Paris, and this Jam or {la conficture} is my favorite brand because it's from France! We found the Raspberry at Central market and the next morning i pretty much ate half a baguette with this jam...i could have eaten the whole thing but....
I like to practice self control
Central Market offers LOTS of amazing food choices from all over the world, if you look towards the bottom of this picture you'll see Tyrrell's Chips....i ate these like a crazy person when we were in England so when i find them in America i have to buy them, 
even though there like $5.00 for a small bag...kind of ridiculous but worth it in the end!!!
Then we came across this section of the store, Mom asked if i wanted anything and i think my facial expression was shock that she even thought i might pass up the opportunity for a french croissant...
I got a plain buttery croissant and mom got Pain au Chocolate and Megan got a carrot cake cupcake haha which has nothing to do with frenchiness...

After this little trip i was feeling the blues because i miss europe so much!!
I miss the people, the food, the culture, the architecture.....i miss it ALL!!!
I can't wait to go back, my stomach can't wait's like a separate entity ;)

OH P.S. Yesterday when i was chatting to Thomas we were talking about how his birthday day and month equaled the year....6+7=13 AKA June 7th, 2013...i thought this was so cool i wanted to see what my birthday looked like...well 9+4=13 TOO......HOLY FREAKING MOLY
Is this a sign???? not that we need a sign because we're already very compatible but i mean i feel like this is a sign....then Tom took it to the next level with this impressive math...
Month+Day+year we were born = ?
and 32 backwards is 23 which is how old we will be this year...
Ok it's a stretch but it's cute that he tried to figure that out ;)

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL friday and a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. La France me manque beaucoup. Hier nuit, j'avais une rêve dans laquelle j'ai voyagé à Paris avec la petite amie de mon frère jumeau.

    Elle parle espagnol, pas français, alors je ne sais pas pourquoi elle est allée à Paris avec moi. Mais c'était une rêve, alors...

    1. that's hilarious, i mean as long as you have someone in the dream going with you then its still fun even if they speak spanish, which could be useful in some situations....maybe haha :-D I can read french fairly well but am horrible at writing it or i totally would have responded in French ;)

  2. I'm OBSESSED with raspberry jam as well....and I've definitely scarfed a loaf or two in my day ;) Ain't no shame in my game ;)

    1. Isn't it so delicious!!!! I'm a firm believer in raspberry and try to force it on any and everyone i come in contact with ;) haha glad i'm not alone!!!!