Thursday, January 17, 2013

lucky #7

I kind of feel like this photo perfectly describes our relationship hahaha
silly/sophisticated....or something like that...

Tom can do some crazy cool eyebrow moves...things i can only wish for but will never have the actual talent to make happen...sometimes i'm so jealous of him ;)
We had Skype Date number 7 yesterday and it was PERFECT :) 
They keep getting better and better every time :)

a few things we've recently realized...
we're still trying to impress each other and the way we accomplish that is by making our beds before we Skype even though neither one of us believes in making a bed...
We have learned that we are really ready to hang out for an extended period of time on the same continent in the same country, state, town, building etc............
countdown will begin shortly...we're thinking June :-)
How exciting is THAT??! :-)

and of course i learned a few new words....
He taught me that Doff means to tip your hat, and bobble means ponytail holder....
He's like teaching me a new language here haha

Well that is all for now, short post because i'm also posting over here: today :)

Happy Thursday Everyone :)

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  1. My boyfriend and I fell in love over skype. Starting a relationship long-distance is hard, but with the right person, totally worth it!