Tuesday, January 8, 2013

planned since i was 5...

I'm 22, not engaged and i have my entire wedding planned.....
Is that weird?????? I don't really think so.

In fact i'm one of those girls who's had her wedding planned in her head
 ever since she was old enough to color cordinate her toy blocks!

Then one day this magical land called pinterest came into my life.
This Amazing website made it even easier to plan my future wedding...

I am proud to say that my wedding board on pinterest has gained the most followers,
i'm up to almost 630 overall followers....which gives my self confidence a boost daily....

if you're interested in following my pinterest account
i wouldn't hate that at all...
just go here :)
a few details i'm sure of...

My ring will look something like this

My flowers will look like this

My Bridal party will look like this

My ceremony will look like this

My reception will look like this
So i pretty much have this ALL planned out!!!!!
My wedding is going to be pretty amazing...
i'll let you all know when it's ACTUALLY happening haha...

P.S. If you like my little blog you should follow me, I love finding new friends!!!
Hope you're all having a splendid day!!!
*All images from Pinterest

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