Monday, January 7, 2013

Conversations With the {bf} British Fella!!

I talk with Tom on a daily basis which is so fun!!!
One thing i love about our conversations are the new words i'm learning...
words they say in the UK as substitutes for words we say over here
brolly = Umbrella 
Flogging = Selling
blagging = pretending
sound = it's cool
 mum = mom
Kip = nap
Ta = Thank You
Skint = Broke
Snaff = Snort Laugh
breakfast = breakfast
Dinner = Lunch
Tea = Dinner
Soooo confusing especially dinner...lunch...tea....ahhhh

I giggle when he say's 
'oh dear me'
and i might force him to say pip pip cheerio occasionally.
He's given me a snippet of his American Accent...We haven't really gone into Texan Accent yet...

He get's a kick out of me saying things like....
holy moly
aww man
and lots of other things i'm sure.
I've probably said far to much in my terrible british accent...he know's it's do i....
But i live by this saying...

He's lucky i don't actually have one...

As you can see we're pretty hilarious people...
Stay tuned in for more words, i literally learn new ones daily :)


*If your confused as to who Tom is you can find that story here: :)

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