Friday, January 11, 2013

You've got mail!!

So what if sometimes i think my life is like a Meg Ryan movie...
for instance you've got mail...
I mean i am just your average Texas girl getting mail from a charming British lad....
so maybe i think i'm in my own kind of romantic movie....

I've been talking to Tom for a few months now :)
so far we speak daily
We've sent letters & We've received letters 
valentines box's are in the works
And we've just had our 6th weekly *skate

He was also fortunate enough to 'meet' BOTH of my parents last night...that was interesting....
Let's just say they out did themselves...but it really went so well!!!

It's really amazing how well this is all going, 
we get along as if we've known each other for years...

we have pretty solid summer plans to meet and spend a few weeks together....
plans to *galavant all over the place, showing him what America has to offer!!!

I think when we first started talking he didn't care to come to America...
Well i'm happy to say that has changed significantly and he can't wait to get here now....
I think i might have something to do with that!!!

So many plans are in the works, i know my mom is pretty excited about his arrival...mostly because that means she can get my dad to finish all of his projects around the house...
we have to impress our british visitor ;)

My mom is also really big on being hospitable to anyone that walks through the door, 
i'm pretty sure she's planning a big family get together....
one can only hope Tom is mentally prepared for THAT!! 

The last letter i received from Tom made me a little giddy...
He sent me 5 things...
1. Christmas card
Had rudolph on it, it was really cute and a cute little note was on the inside!!
2. Chocolate from his Christmas Tree
His mum puts chocolates on their Christmas tree, it's a little tradition they 
have and he sneaked one off and sent it to me :)
3.Movie stub
We both Saw the hobbit around the same time, It was pretty cool seeing the prices of movies over there and they have to pay for their 3D crazy is that....
Then again it costs nearly $10 to get popcorn here....sooo maybe .80p for glasses isn't that bad 
4. A Paris Metro ticket
He knows how much i love Paris, and he's traveled there too,
he sent me one of his Metro tickets he kept,
my heart couldn't handle that...
5. My Letter
and then there's the Letter, I mean the guy knows how to write a good letter!!!

We currently have "boxes" en route to each other with little trinkets from our homelands in them :-D
I'm seriously Excited!!! OH i'm also excited because i bought a Ukelele and it's waiting for me at the post office at my school....One 23 before 23 item i can cross out ;)

hope you all have amazing weekends!!
*Galavant - Go around from one place to another in the pursuit of adventure...le duh ;)
*Skate - Skype Date

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