Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet the {British} Parents!!

Yesterday was Skype date #10 with Thomas!!!
And it was amazing...phenominal even..
We chatted for 2 and a half hours.
It was pretty much the best 2 and a half hours of my day!
We chatted about silly things, i told him stories and he told me stories.
We keep finding out we are very similar...
For example when he get's bopped on the nose it makes him sneeze...
When i get bopped on the nose i also sneeze..
see...it's fate really!!

I have a mondo ginormous crush on him.
I will shout it to the world.
It's happening.

All of my American girl meets british boy dreams are coming true...
And i'm freaking excited about it!!!

Not only did i chat with Tom yesterday but i also chatted to....the...PARENTS!!!
yes i met his Parents yesterday and it was pretty awesome!
We chatted as if we'd known each other for ages!
His mum is the sweetest woman and his dad is full of witty humor!!
I actually got to have a proper conversation with them.
His mum told me to watch over him when he visits..very mum like.
His dad told me to send him back after 12 months haha.
They were both wonderful...and they even dragged...yes dragged
his little sister Holly into the room for a moment.
She was shy, but so sweet and she's funny too...
I'll have to see that side of her at another time,
once she knows me better..Maybe when i'm visiting him in the UK ;) 

All in all it was AN AMAZING skype date :)
and we've made it through 10 of them...
number 11 is already in the works for next wednesday.
A valentines skate ;)
Should be quite romantical!!!

I ALSO got another Letter in the mail today :-)
It really has been the best monday ever!!!
I love his letters so much, they are full of sweetness!!!

I wish i could get super mushy on here and tell you all exactly what i think of Thomas
but i don't want to share everything too quickly...
I'll keep things progressing nice and slow on this blog...
Hopefully one day soon i can tell you he's bought his plane ticket :-)
And keep an eye out...Tom's actually working on something for the blog
It should be posted in the near future...something from his perspective perhaps!!

My Tish {grandmother} is having knee replacement surgery today...
so if you'd all keep her in your thoughts that would be nice :)
And mom here are those blogs you should read while you wait!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!!

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