Friday, February 1, 2013

Skype Date {9}

Wednesday was skate number {9}
which means we have been ‘Seeing each other’ 9 weeks in a row 
and I still get cute smiles like this one…which means I’m doing something right ;)

It was a good almost 3 hour long conversation which is a record for us. 
We even had a visitor, my lovely best friend Samantha was finally able to chat with him a bit…
ahem..question him a bit is more like it ;) 
she really put him through the ringer with a few of her questions,
{blood type, ever been arrested, what his Intentions are}
I think he passed with flying colors.

We have an OFFICIAL date set for him to come visit me…
You know I can’t think of anything more romantic or thrilling and amazing than a 
boy from England flying across the world just so he can spend time with you. 
It’s like from a dream, or a romantic movie…
It’s actually quite surreal at the moment and 
probably will be till he’s actually here.

At one point during the skate I had to check my pulse to see if I was alive 
because he kept calling me Love…I even fanned myself 
at one point because I’m a huge awkward mess ;)

He’s cute. I like him. This is exciting.


ALSO some other exciting know I write letters to Tom and he writes letters back to me.
Well i had this idea a few weeks ago that i wanted to write a letter to his family.
I was just thinking that this is kind of turning into something a lot bigger than we expected,
and i wanted his family to know me a little better so i wrote them letters.
I wrote to his mom and dad
his granddad
his older sister
and his little sister
Each of them received a separate  letter from me 
stating my ahem...intentions....with their son, grandson and brother!!!
I kind of thought it was just a nice way to bring us all a little closer even though we're so far away.
I just got word from Thomas that the letters arrived and they are a HUGE hit in his household...


ALSO ALSO we're sending out our valentines gifts to each other today
with hopes that they reach each other by the 14th :)

so.yea. this is all pretty exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm becoming very giggly and nerdy about the whole thing ;) 



  1. For real? This is SUCH an awesome story!!

    1. ahh thanks Vic haha it is pretty exciting i have to say ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!!!! :)