Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines box for Tom :-)

So Tom and i decided to send each other something for valentines day.
We called them valentines boxes since they were packages going through the mail.
Valentines boxes turned into valbox's because we got lazy!!
He got his 3 days early, which is amazing since i just sent it last friday..
Holla at the US Postal system!!!!

He was so cute when he got it, he texted me right away
and then he had a dilema....wait to open it or open it now...
I told him to open it or he would have waited for mine to arrive ;)
I was just so excited and i knew it would kill him to wait haha

I kept an eye out for valentines swag as soon as Christmas was over.
I think i ended up finding a few gems...in Target especially!!!! :)
He even layed it all out so perfectly and took a picture for me
so i could blog about it today haha :)

So what we have here is the following:
1. A Be Mine garland ;) I just thought it was cute!!!
2. Hot Tamales...I occasionally refer to Tom as a Hot TOMale ;)
3. Teddy Bear because american tradition says you have to send a stuffed animal to your
valentine. There's also an inside story as to why it's a bear but that's only for us to know ;)
4. Box of chocolates with a cat on them AND  cat pun on a sticky note...
One thing about our relationship is it's silly...Cat puns are occasionally thrown into every conversation we've ever had....and i love it!!!
5. Card/Letter with mushy romantical stuff in both ;)

So there you have it...that is what i sent Tom :)
He loved all of it
{Do you blame him}

So now....We wait for mine....I'm not good at waiting...in fact i'm horrible at it!!!
But i'm excited haha This Valentines week is off to an amazing start!! :)



  1. What a great package! Looks like so much fun!!

    1. Thanks Lauren :) It was fun to put together :) Now i hope mine comes soon haha!!!

  2. Very cute! I was also in a long distance relationship when my husband and I were dating, but it wasn't as far as you two! :)

    So I also wanted to let you know that I linked to you in one of my posts! It's called the Liebster Blog Award, and it's just a fun little game to get to know our fellow bloggers better. The link is here if you would like to check it out! :) I hope you join in!

    1. Yea we are pretty far but he's coming a lot closer this summer so it will be exciting :)

      Aww thank you so so much I will deffinitely get to it :)