Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Week!!

Ah Valentines Day.
Or should i say Valentines WEEK...
I've never really cared much for this day,
But now i'm dedicating a whole week to it!!!
It's probably because i have a package coming my way..
From Mr. Tom ;)
By this time on thursday i hope to be swooning over a big heart shaped package of goodies!!!
Ok well it might not be heart shaped but that's all i'll see!!
We are having our big valentines skype date on wednesday because we're both busy Thursday.
I'll have a full report of the skate for you all on thursday :)
Last time we talked i got to meet his Parents and little sister.
This time it will just be the two of us and as much as i enjoyed meeting the family
I'm going to love just spending a few hours talking to him!!
ALSO..plane ticket will be bought soon!!! {insert girly giggles here}
AND you should be hearing from Tom on here soon :)
So many exciting things happening!!! :)
Oh and i found this VIA's just a lot of cute little
valentines day treats that are all easy to make!
Like this strawberry cake in a mason jar...I mean this is adorable!!!
Check out this site for more easy treats to make v-day extra special!!!
Have a wonderful Monday Everyone!!

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