Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Tom!!

It's official, I'm dating an older man ;)

Today is Toms birthday, he's 23 years old!!
I asked him how he felt now that he's 23.
Apparently he's now a sophisticated and experienced older gentleman.
He's wiser too, and should be taken very seriously ;)

I'm still just a baby at 22 but soon i'll be caught up again.
Then he'll have to listen to everything I say...Right??? ;)

I could sit here and tell you about all of the wonderful years i've known tom.

Since he was a little 90's baby ;)

While he was in school :)

And now he's all grown up with an American Girlfriend ;)

My my my the years have flown by ;) you all know i've only known him just over 7 months...
But it feels like a lifetime {girly sigh} haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY handsome!!!
I hope you have an amazing day today!!
See you in 12 daaaayyss!!! :)


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  1. Was looking for information about backpacking in UK and Europe, in which I came across your blog. But I realize I was more intrigue to read about the story of "Tom&Emily", the both of you are such a cute couple!! :) Such a lucky girl you are, I wish I was as lucky as you. :B

    1. Aww thats amazing :) Thanks for the sweet words! I do hope you found a little bit about travel here but it's true, it's mainly about Tom and Emily haha ;)

  2. Happy birthday Tom! Don't worry, 23 isn't THAT old (I'm about to turn 24 next week- yikes!) haha hope you guys have fun together

    1. haha thanks Georgia, i think he's taking to 23 well!! :) Might be a little big headed at the moment's his birthday soooo i'll give it to him ;)