Sunday, June 9, 2013

Next week!!!!

I's sunday which means it's officially the start of a new week.
Which means you talk about things happening 10 days from now as "next week"
In 10 days Tom will be here!!!


Over the past few months we've created milestones for our relationship.
Knowing each other for a month was a milestone.
talking for 100 days was a milestone...
Then having 100 days till he got here was a milestone,
and 50 days...25 days...and now 10.
We're about to embark on single digits which is a HUGE milestone!!!

I wish you could all read our texts and see just how excited we both are...
Oh wait you can ;)

Let it be known he said Rubbish first...i don't just break out into British Lingo...
Ok well sometimes i do ;)

And obviously we're just two emoji crazy love birds ;)
We can't help it...
And Pear Bear is Toms baby Niece haha
Pear bear is her nickname...not her real name ;)

This is all getting SO REAL!!!
And we're both so excited about it!! :)

Thanks for sticking around and following along with our story.
Can't wait for this next chapter, It's going to be AMAZING!!!

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