Monday, June 10, 2013

O Brother..where art thou / {Delta Rae}

If i was to give one movie that held significant meaning in my teenage years
it would have to be O Brother Where Art Thou...

My youth group at church seemed to be a little obsessed with this movie for a while.
This was mostly because our Youth Minister at the time Jeremy and a few of the guys could belt out 
"Man of Constant Sorrows" Like nobody's business!!!
It was AWESOME, and i still have fond memories of it to this day!!

This is probably why i am so incredibly addicted to this new band i was
just referred to by my super musical friend Alissia!! 

Delta Rae is so amazing and the song i'm talking about is called "Bottom of the River"
It's so good, and they are all SO talented, like why haven't i heard of them before??

Serious goosebumps!! 

Also you should listen to "If i loved you"

Just incredible!!


In other news...we're in the SINGLE DIGITS!!!
Tom will be here in 9 daayyysss!!
:) :) :)

Have a good monday...if that's possible ;)


  1. I just heard Bottom of the River- so good! Can't believe they collaborated with Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands. Have a great week, hope it flies by;-)

    1. Ohh i love me some Fleetwood :) haha yea, i hope it flies by too :)