Friday, July 12, 2013

Airport Scene...

By now Tom will be back on UK soil.
Which is good because that means we can start texting again..I miss him!!

Yesterday was tough.
I had to say "see you later" to the guy who has changed my life.
And it wasn't fun :( It was lame and i hated it!!

We pulled ourselves together enough to snap a few pictures before we left.
This one is one of my favorites from the whole trip.
He makes me so happy and it shows!!

Our goodbye in the airport was heartbreaking.
I cried...and cried and cried and cried.
He consoled me in the car and then i was ok...
but that didn't last very long..

We got his boarding passes and went and stood by a window...
and i cried and cried and cried.
I got weepy Emily tears all over him.

Then we walked to the line he had to wait in to go through security.
I held onto him and waited in line with him till it was his turn to go through. 
We were basically making out the whole time...
i'm sure all of those lovely people enjoyed that.
Sorry i'm not sorry.

Once he made it to the front of the line i ducked under the rope that would now separate us.
And i cried and cried and cried.
le sigh

After he made it past the airport security person he came back over to me for 
a few more kisses and a few more hugs and we said our "see you laters"
Then he went on through security and guess what...
I balled my little eyes out...surprise surprise.

We mouthed a few "I love you's"
and he blew a kiss my way
and then he was gone.

As soon as i had lost sight of him i bolted out of that airport.
I couldn't really stand being in there if i couldn't be with him.
This whole long distance thing is ROUGH...
But well worth it!!

I sat in my car for about 30 minutes just sobbing.
I've never been one to cry over guys but this one is really really special.
So i didn't mind getting a little...ok seriously weepy!!

But really...what an incredible journey this is and will continue to be.
The next few days will be hard but we'll get back into the swing of things and you'll be
seeing us together again screen to screen in the Skype world shortly.
Which is so lame after this trip, but it's all we have so it's what we'll do!!

Have a good weekend!!



  1. Sweetie! I wish I could tell you it gets easier, but it doesn't. Letter writing is super romantic and skype dates are fun, but nothing can replace the feeling of your warm, cozy bff right beside you. It will make you stronger in the end though. hang in there pretty girl!

    1. Thanks Georgia!! You're right, nothing can replace that feeling, but i'm just happy that i'll be seeing him again and this is going to be the longest we'll be separated...this won't happen again haha!!

  2. Literally, I would effing hate being in your situation, although, on some level I would love it - because, its great knowing you have an awesome dude, so that totally makes up for it. Just think: its better to have an awesome guy who is long distance then a stupid jerk face who is 20 mins down the road.. Its so cool that Skype exists, at least its more "real" that way, the two of you will be back together before you know it! =)

    PS - You guys are super cute

    1. It's like bitter sweet, i have this great guy and i know he's all mine but then i have to be separated from him for a while...It's not easy but at the end of the day i have to sit back and just be patient. Our time will come when we won't have to go through these long separations :)

      Thanks Steph!!! :)

  3. :( so sorry.
    distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?
    in the meantime, eat a pint or 2 of ice cream.
    you deserve it.

    1. haha yes, my heart is super fond at the moment ;)
      Ice cream is also making my heart happy, and that will continue for a few days....weeks... ;)

      Thanks girly!!

  4. Wow, I stumbled upon your blog and this post brings back lots of memories! Although our story is a bit different (we met while he was studying abroad in the US from the UK our jr. year of college) I can feel your pain like it was yesterday! We did 2 years apart before we got engaged and he ended up moving to the US permanently. We just celebrated 4 years of marriage and let me tell you it's worth all those skype dates and airport tears! The goodbyes are heart breaking but very few people get to experience the joy of seeing each other after many long months apart - so we're kind of lucky actually! Hang in there. You'll get back into your routine soon enough and it'll get more tolerable.

    1. I read your message to Tom because we were skyping when i got it haha!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. We agree wholeheartedly that this adventure is a blessing, even with the distance and the time apart it's an amazing experience. I'm happy there are people like you to help those of us going through it currently.
      Thank you so much!!

  5. I'm so sorry for you to be separated but oh so happy for the fun couple weeks you've had with him!!! I did the long distant thing too.. not quite 5,000 miles but it was still distance! Now we're married and happier than ever!!! So keep your head up :) it is tough but like the other people commented, it is worth it and you will learn so much more about each other that will benefit your relationship in the long run! I'm hoping to see a ring on that finger in the next year!!!! ;) Good luck!

    1. Aww thank you soooo much Katelin!! You're words mean so much!! I just had a look over at your blog, congrats on getting married!! That is so so exciting!! HA!! a ring on my finger would be nice, but i'll be patient ;) And if it does happen you know i'll be posting it here for all to see ;)

      Thanks again :)

  6. Okay so I pretty much just cried reading this post. tough. I have been there sweetie and it is never easy. But what is great is getting to pick them up (or to arrive) at the airport for happy reunions. This is not goodbye, its just see you later. :) *big hugs*

    1. Aww Bonnie, you're so sweet!!! It's so rough, like I don't think I fully grasped how hard it would be till it was happening!! But you're right, our next reunion will be fantastic, I'm already counting down the days ;) thanks again B, you're so sweet!!!!