Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello Weepy Emily {bye bye Tom}

Say it isn't so...
These past few weeks have gone by so fast :(
I'm sad, Tom is amazing and i'm going to miss him SO MUCH!!!!

Just look at us...and hand me a tissue!!!

Boo :( 
This is a sad day, i'm going to go bury myself in my bed and eat my feelings later...
Ice cream
who knows...WHO KNOWS!!!!
I'm sad :(

On the positive side...
It's been such an incredible experience that's only going to keep getting better ;)
We're so happy to have each other and so fortunate that this has gone so well!!
I'll miss him but I'll be seeing him again for LONGER next year :) 
So we'll be ok ;)

I'll keep you posted on when Tom lands back in the UK.
Until then, have a good thursday and keep us in your thoughts, it's going to be a hard goodbye!!



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    1. Blogger is driving me batty. I tried Feedly but had issues with my feed so Bloglovin seems to be the way to go for me at the a time we see pc game that we loned buy cd keys

  2. I have SO enjoyed all the Tomily posts and pictures. Hoping Tom has a safe flight and that you find just the right chick flick to get you through today ;)

    1. I am so glad :) It's been such an amazing trip for the both of us!! And i'll be chick flicking it up for sure ;)

  3. I've loved reading all of these posts, even if I haven't had time to comment on each of them. Y'all are too cute together! It's so obvious how much y'all care for each other. And I LOVED the pictures of Tom kissing your cheek while you made a silly face.

    Prayers for a safe flight for him and strength & patience for you. ♥

    1. You are the sweetest!! Thank you so much! Ha! the cheek kiss..he always smooshes my cheek so it's just a natural facial expression ;)

  4. Following your journey together has given me so much hope for the men of the world! Nice to know there are good ones out there! Haha. I love your blog and so glad I found it at such a huge moment for your two! These weeks went by so fast! Its not a good bye, its a see you later! Enjoy those memories + the hundreds of pictures you took! :)

    Elizabeth Kathryn

    1. Aww thank you so much Elizabeth!! Tom has also shown me that not all guys in the world are awful haha he's a real gem and he makes me so happy!! I'm glad we've made more plans for the future, it makes it a little easier!!

  5. You wont see him for a YEAR?!!!! Girl we need to do some fundraising to get you to the UK!

    1. Oh goodness not a year haha ;) 6 months till we are back together, but then we won't be separated much after that :) which is GREAT!!!