Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last day...

Well it's wednesday....which is the day before Thursday...
which is the day i don't want to see.

Yesterday we had the privilege of doing nothing at all.
It was nice to just laze together all day long.

We did get productive when we went back to the Drive-In movies ;)
But really it's so much fun!!!

A giant screen and Downtown Fort Worth as a backdrop.
Perfect little date night, and we even saw a shooting magical ;)

Anyways...Today we're going for breakfast
and then to the park for some frisbee.
We need to go pick up some more souvenirs for his family.
But mostly we'll just be lazing again, soaking up whatever time we have left.

Oh and we FINALLY have {hold in your hands} pictures!!!
This is huge for us since we were so used to Skype pictures :)
Now we have real ones to put in picture frames :)
It's soooooo exciting!!!!!! 

I'm going to miss this guy so much :(
But i'm going to go and have an amazing last day with him!!!
Hope you all have a good day as well.


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