Saturday, July 27, 2013

Public Service Announcement {Meeting people online}

Welcome to my first PSA :)
My name is Emily and i'll be your PSAA
{Public service announcement announcer}

I feel obligated to do a PSA on the subject of meeting people online.
{Yuck, who does that??} 
...**cough cough**...

I've been meaning to write this for a while,
but certain events have put it a little higher up on my priority posts.

Meeting people online.
It can be great OR Disastrous.

There are pros and cons to meeting people online.
Pros - An awesome relationship
Cons - Death...ahem...

There are rules to meeting people online.
Follow them and your chances are higher at success.
Choose not to follow them and you die...i mean for real!!

Rule #1
If you are under the age of 18 step away from the keyboard.
Because chances are you are probably not old enough to be 
trying to figure out an online relationship.
And it's not because we don't want you and Noah673 to be happy.
It's because we want you to stay safe...and alive...yea...

Rule #2
If you ask them to Skype or do face time or chat face to face and they refuse...
get yourself out of there because chances are you're talking to this man...

{If this is your photo or a photo of someone you sincerest apologies}

Rule #3
For females only..
Girl, if you're talking to a guy you like and he 
wants you to come to him the first time you meet....ummm no...
Just say no just say no that's the only way to go!!
{D.A.R.E. song from the 5th grade}

If he's this "Prince Charming" that you've dreamed up
then he won't have a problem coming to you.
{read following rule for rule about this rule}

Rule #4
NEVER meet for the first time at his home/apartment/hotel room/box under the freeway.
If you're meeting someone for the first time that you met online
you need to meet publicly, and you should bring a friend or your mom...yea bring your mom!!!
Don't be a fool and go somewhere by yourself...
Refer to the cons above to see why....ahem....death!!!

Rule #5
Don't believe everything people say online.
"Hi my name is Noah673 and i'm a hottie hot 17 year old"
Then when you meet the first time Noah673 looks like this....

{Again if this is you...I apologize}

I mean Whoaaa've ummm....changed???
I thought you looked like this???

What happened to you?? :( :( :(
And what on earth did you do that to that poor baby doll????

Rule #6
If your momma says no, listen to your momma!!
First of all if you're entering into some sort of relationship online
then tell your family about it once you start thinking about meeting.
That way they know what you're up to...back to safety.
And if you're momma thinks something is wrong with the situation...
then there is probably something wrong.
Listen to your momma!!!!

Rule #7 
Just be cautious when meeting people online.
It's a weird world we live in and there are some crazy people out there.
If you're at all interested in seeing some of those crazies 
then just watch TCAP on MSNBC
{TCAP = To Catch a Predator}
The show where they lure online predators into a situation
where they have met underage girls they want to do bad things to.
And they catch them before they get the chance.

Aww crap is right!!!


You see, what Tom and I have is special.
We have stumbled upon something that is one in a million.
And it is romantic and fun and exciting.
But it's all of those things because we did it the right way.
We talked, we skyped, we told family, he came here.
and that was that.

I don't want to be the person that romanticizes meeting people online 
because 9 out of 10 times it's not like that at all!!
Not to say it can't happen because it can.
But it's serious business to be making relationships on the internet.
You need to know the facts, you need to be safe.

So follow my rules of online relationships and you really shouldn't die.
Yay for not one wants to die!!!

Have a happy safe sunday!!!!


  1. This post really made me laugh! xx

    1. Haha I was laughing the while time I wrote it...I mean it's serious but I wanted it to be light hearted so I'm glad it was :-)

  2. I laughed the whole time during this post! Its perfect!!!! :) We just need to clone Tom.... thats the solution. :)

    1. Hahaha clone Tom, genius idea, except I think I'll keep him for myself, maybe just find people similar to him haha ;)

  3. Rule number one...Oh so true (Step away from the computer, children)! Haha, loved reading this. You are a great little writer and this is a great read. Xoxo

    1. For real though, when i was a teenager i was having a hard enough time figuring out what i wanted for dinner...haha!! Aww thanks Girl, you're so sweet!!!

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog and have always been curious which penpal site you two actually met through. I've never seen you mention it. Care to share?

    1. It's called Interpals, i don't reference it much because it's really crappy...except for this whole Tom sitch ;)

  5. This post is so great. It cracked me up but was so true. I am glad you found a successful wonderful relationship through the internet. Truly one in a million. :)

    1. Aww thanks girl, ha it cracked me up while i was writing it haha :) Glad you enjoyed it!!! :)