Friday, July 26, 2013


This post makes me giggle.
Talking about things like my first kiss with Tom.
It almost seems silly to even address it....almost ;)

I got a comment asking me to talk a little more about 
my relationship with Tom before he came to see me
along with a question about our first kiss.
I really love reading all of your comments, 
and i love answering your questions too.

So question #1
Were we a couple before we met??
Answer - Yes, we were!!

I know that might sound silly to a lot of people...
To be in a relationship before meeting someone, but it worked for us.
When you Skype for a few hours every single day you get to the point where
it literally feels like you're spending physical time with the person.

We became so close just using Skype and we knew we liked each other
so one day we decided to be in a committed relationship.
I don't really remember how this happened...
but it did which is all that matters ;)

Question #2
When did we say I love you?
Answer - March 20th

Yea i have the date memorized....I'm a softy.
This is actually a pretty funny story!!

I remember skyping Tom for a few hours before hand.
We were texting after and it was getting pretty lovey dovey.
Oh yea did i mention the first time we said it was over text...

We texted about how we both wanted to say it but we wanted to wait till we were in person.
Because "I love you" is huge!!!!!

So huge that it really should be said when you feel the exact moment...
which just happened to be over Text...

And Tom was the first to say it...
He actually said "I think I love you"
But what he meant was I know i love you, i'm just so nervous i might pee my pants haha
After he said it he admitted to pacing back and forth until i texted him back ;)
And of course i said it back ;)
And of course we said it at the airport....first words out of our mouths.

Question #3
When was our first kiss?
Answer - approximately 5 seconds after he walked out of his gate at the airport.

It was was a little forced and it's going to be a kiss
that we look back on in 20 years and laugh at...
Because it's actually pretty hilarious.

But not to worry, after we got over being so nervous around each other
the kissing stepped up its game...and that's all i will say about that ;)

So there you have it...I hope i answered them well.
I really love Q&A so if you're curious about something, just let me know.
Your questions help me write blog posts so keep them coming ;)

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Aw that's so sweet about saying I love you. It really is best to just say it when you feel it. It makes is so special.

  2. Adorable!