Monday, July 1, 2013

San Francisco or bust!!!

 Yesterday we started our day with a hearty, mouthwatering breakfast...from Walgreens!!
I had a chocolate muffin and Tom had a bear claw.
Mix that with some Apple Juice and you
have yourself a delicious start to your day....

Nothing was open so we had
to do what any hungry couple would do...
It got me all nervous that because it was Sunday
we wouldn't find anything open.
And i got pessimistic about the city...
Which wasn't fair because San Francisco is AMAZING!!! 
So skip to after breakfast...

Look at how cute Tom is in his little bird shirt ;)

The Metro took us to this little stop called Embarcadero.
From there we were able to walk down towards fisherman's Wharf.
Fisherman's Wharf eventually led us to GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.

Right when we got into San Francisco i was on the lookout for this famous bridge.
I've been standing on tiptoes to try and see over buildings...
which doesn't work as well as you'd think.

Finally we were on a little trail that had signs saying...
ahhh let the giddiness begin!!!

We walked and walked...realizing it was a few miles off we
decided to rent bikes and ride the trails to get there a little faster.
It was probably one of the funnest things i've ever done.

If you've ever been to Paris then you know the feeling you get
when you turn that corner and the Eiffel Tower is directly overhead.
That's the same feeling we got while biking to the bridge.

From afar it's still exciting....but there is nothing that compares to getting 
up close and personal with that gorgeous piece of American History.

 We had such an amazing day.
We're headed to Santa Cruz Beach today 
which will be a nice relaxing last full day of our trip.
Back to Texas tomorrow!! :)

Have a wonderful monday!! :)


  1. Santa Cruz beach is nice, we went there while we lived in Monterey. Make sure you have him try a deep fried twinkie. ;)

  2. Looks like such a great trip! I am dying to go to San Francisco and your post just made me want to go even more! I have loved living vicariously through you on Instagram as you have been traveling the past week!

  3. This makes me want to travel so badly! But it looks like you guys had a great time :)
    xoxo -B ♡