Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Santa Cruz and the ups {and downs} of this wonderful week!!

We are back in Texas after a really really lonnnggg day yesterday.
But i'll tell you about that in a second!!

First i just want to talk about Santa Cruz Beach.
Santa Cruz is where we went on Tuesday, it was pretty awesome!!
As you can see...

We spent a nice lazy day on the beach with our soccer ball...
Then our soccer ball/football exploded...
I think the heat plus all of the wear and tear we've given it was too much for the little guy...
The reason to go to Santa Cruz wasn't to just lie on the beach all day long.
It was because...Mondays are dollar nights on the boardwalk...
YEAA!!!! I love when things are a dollar.
So cotton candy, hot dogs and pepsi was all $1
AND all of the rides were only $1 which is AWESOME!!! 

As excited as we were we didn't really take advantage of this deal.
We got one pepsi (well Tom did) and rode the ride that takes you over the park.
Which was a bit terrifying...
but it was good!!

Did i mention we missed our Greyhound to get to Santa Cruz??
Well this is where the ups and downs of our trip begins.

We booked a 5:50am greyhound to take us to SC so we could have a full day there.
It was a good idea at the time...but when it came to waking up to go...we were pretty slow.
And in the end...we missed it.
But we found out we missed it after waiting at the station for about 45 minutes...
not happy campers, but they gave us tickets on the next one and all was well.

ANOTHER downer on this trip was Oakland, CA.
If you're traveling to San Francisco then stay in San Francisco.
Don't be cheapies like us and stay in Oakland.
Just don't do it!!!

I mean when you look at this photo of Oakland you see a cute little town...
but architecture can be misleading.

On top of it being a little bit sketch...we ended up staying in Oakland
on the same day the BART system / buses and underground trains
went on STRIKE.

At first the strike was just a few people on the streets with signs...
We thought, ohhh this isn't too bad it won't last long.
We even passed a man who said...
"Oh nice soccer ball kids, just wait till later and you can play soccer in the streets

and our reply was...
"Please sir don't shut it down, we need to get home tomorrow"
They shut it down...

So instead of paying 6 bucks for a bus or train to the airport yesterday 
we had to pay $30 for a cab, and it was annoying.
I feel for the people on strike, but when something puts a hitch in your gettalong...
it's just frustrating, but we managed and we made it to the airport on time...
actually more on time than we had planned.
Our flight that was supposed to leave at 5:40 was delayed 3 hours.
We got to the airport around 2:30...and we weren't leaving till 8:40...
yay oakland.

This also put us getting home around 2am instead of 11pm.
But my mom and brother are so sweet and came to get us!!
So all was well in the end!!!

Overall this was a MAGICAL trip.
First of all i've found out that I can travel with Tom and not want to kill him.
This is great news, if you're ever interested in seeing if your relationship is a good one
then just travel together...that's when true colors come out.
If something goes wrong you get to see how your significant other handles it.
And Tom was INCREDIBLE!!!!

He really blows my mind sometimes with his kindness and his all will be well attitude.
While on the trip my Debit Card numbers were somehow snatched from my grasp...
I still had the card but someone had my numbers...which is all you need.
So my card was cancelled so they couldn't get anymore money...
granted they only spent $2.00 online at Macaroni grill.

You'd think this would mess with the flow of our trip since we
were both trying to help with food costs and etc.
Tom, being the sweetest guy in the world didn't let that stop us,
and he took care of me the rest of the trip.
So now that we're home i can get my card all settled.
We joke that i'll be his sugar mama the rest of the time he's here ;)

This trip has been amazing...but what's more amazing is
that my online Skype/email/letters/box relationship is the real deal.
I've never been this happy or felt this kind of love!!
Tom is incredible and he has the biggest heart in the world.

So you might be wondering about the ups of this trip so i'll list them out.

1. Santa Monica
2. Griffith Observatory in LA is a must see!!
3. Renting a car
4. Driving for hours with your partner in crime and best friend
5. Eating at a Denny's in the middle of nowhere.
6. Yosemite/Glacier Point/Yosemite Falls.
7. Biking to the golden gate bridge.
8.spending lazy days on the beach

Overall it's been a spectacular past week!!
We now have a list of places to go back to one day.. day ;) Girly sigh!!

Hope you're all having a great wednesday!!


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