Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yosemite National Park

On day four of our trip we jumped into our rental car Carlos
and hit the road towards Mammoth Lakes California.

We stayed in Mammoth Lakes because it was close to Yosemite 
AND so much cheaper...It's a ski resort, so during the summertime the prices are so affordable!!
If you were to go to Yosemite in the summer time i would recommend staying in ML!
Yosemite is a gorgeous place to stay, but it's EXPENSIVE!!!

Plus Mammoth Lakes is nothing to laugh at, it's just as gorgeous
without being in the actual park with the sky high prices.

It took us about 6 hours to drive from LA to Yosemite.
Along the way we drove through the hottest place i've ever been in my life.
The Mojave Desert.
Remember that sunburn i got while in Santa Monica.
Well, while in the Mojave we decided to stop and take a picture of 
the beautiful mountains in the background.

We pulled over, got out of the car i thought my sunburned legs were going
to burn right off my body...that's how hot it was...
I think it said 108 on the car but it felt about 120.
Apparently the week we were there they were having record breaking heat in California.
I mean i'm from Texas and i thought i was going to die from heat stroke...
So after stopping at a Denny's ;) We high tailed it out of there.

Made it to Mammoth Lakes that night and headed to Yosemite the next day.
First of all...Yosemite is BEAUTIFUL!! 

Probably the most beautiful place you will ever see.
If you're going then you HAVE to see a couple of things.

You MUST go to as many Waterfalls as possible.
These are the most amazing falls i've ever seen.
We were only able to see Yosemite falls but it was absolutely breathtaking.

Funny story about YF...
I knew there was a friendly path that you could take to get to the falls.
I've been to Yosemite before with my aunt and i could remember the nice
smooth path we took when walking to the falls.

Well Tom and I were following signs and ended up wandering into an 
area that said something like "Workers only"
That should have stopped us but didn't...

So we kept going and kept following signs until we saw a sign
leading up a steep hill that said "Yosemite Falls >>>"
So we followed it...

We basically backroaded it to the falls...
rather than finding the right way to go i think we ended up on 
the "more experienced hikers" path...which i am not ;)

But we made it and it was AMAZING!!
You have to take your shoes and socks off and get into the falls
and climb over all of the rocks, it's one of the coolest things ever!!!

Once you're at Yosemite Falls you're basically in the valley of Yosemite...
So you can see things like El Capitan and Half Dome from down in the valley.

The last thing we got to do was drive UP to Glacier Point.
Which is a MUST!!!

Glacier point is the most spectacular view you will ever see.
You can find the perfect little spot to sit and snuggle up with your
most favorite significant other {cough Tom cough} and look out over
the beauty that is Yosemite!!!

Now the only thing i will say is that to get to Glacier Point you have

I hated the drive more than anything.
The view from the top was amazing...
The drive to get us there made my eyes well up with tears.
I was so nervous the whole time...but in the end i got us there...
Which made it all worth it!!

Have a great Wednesday 

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