Thursday, August 1, 2013

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz California was our last spot we got to visit.
When we planned on going to Santa Cruz we were really excited
because of their summertime special that makes all of the rides $1.
We didn't really take advantage of that as much as we could have...
But overall Santa Cruz was a wonderful experience.

We took the Greyhound from Oakland to SC which was about a 2 hour journey.
It was so affordable to take the greyhound opposed to any other form 
of transportation, and since we had turned in our rental car
it was our only viable option.

Once we got to Santa Cruz we really just got to hang out for the day.
It was warm, and just sat on the beach people watching...
and cuddling...and all those beachy things couples do ;)

If i was to give you any advice on visiting SC i would
say to go to Gilda's on the Pier. 
And ask for a table by the window so you can look 
out over the ocean while you eat your ridiculously good food!!
It's really you can see in the picture.
Tom and I were in foodie/Tomily heaven ;)

 Ya'll have a great Thursday!!

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