Friday, August 2, 2013

That one guy Tom who changed everything!!!

This is one of those posts where i'm feeling 
all mushy because i miss my Tom.
You've been warned!! ;)

It's really interesting to experience my relationship with Tom.
What do i mean by that???
hmmm well...

When i first started talking to Tom we we just two 
really random people learning about each other.

Those random people started to get mushy with each other
and they soon realized there was more there.

Then those two people made plans.
They met and were as happy as can be.

They are now separated again...but they continue to grow closer.

You see...
We weren't together...we were growing closer.
We were together...we continued to grow closer.
We're now separated again...and still, we're growing closer.

We're constantly learning new things about each other.
We continue to figure each other out.
And it's the coolest thing ever.

Tom and I have spent a lot of time just talking.
Which i personally think has greatly benefitted our relationship.

Tom always tells me that he fell in love with my personality and my attitude
about life and my funny side...and my body from the shoulders up ;) 
Because that's all you get when you Skype all the time ;)

And when you think about great of a compliment is that???
To know that someone loves you for just being you.
They didn't need to make out with you to know how much they liked you.
It's an amazing feeling to know that all i had to do
to really get this relationship with Tom was be myself.

And the same goes for Tom.
I only got his face for 7 months...
{Which is not a bad face if i do say so myself}
I got his face, his words, his stories, his humor, his kindness.
And i fell for him...before meeting him.

And then when we finally met...we got to meet the entire person.
{Insert giggly Emily here}
And it all just fell together in the perfect way.

We've had 7 months of talking.
3 weeks of being together.
And now another 6 months of waiting.
And it's all completely worth it..
Because we have this bond that is so strong
and i'm so happy with where we are...
Even if it is thousands of miles apart.

We both know this is who we're supposed to be with.
So it's not hard for us to be away from each other.
Ok LIE, it's so hard to be away from each other, but it's easier
because we know where we're headed.

We know where we're headed.
That's the key to this story.

You may not know any of our future plans but that doesn't mean we don't have them.
In fact, if we're good at anything, it's planning

We've got lots of plans in place and I'll let you all 
in on them when the time comes.
But for now i just wanted to write about my complete 
appreciation for this man who loves me for me.
It's such a great feeling.
I'm beyond happy.

I'm just ready to see him again.
Which may be Sooner than Later...ahem...
I don't want to give too much away
So i'll be going now ;)

Have a great weekend


  1. This is crazy true, girl. I was good friends with Peter for a few months before we started dating. There's nothing cooler than the slow realization that another person shares your mutual weirdness, your interests, your values- and is just an awesome human being in so many ways.

    so yay for you guys- I hope you don't have to wait 6 whole months to see each other again!

    1. Aww that's amazing!!! If we're ever in the same area we should totally have a double date :) Sounds like we have a lot in common :)

      Oh girl, i hope so too, i can't take 6 months :( We're doing our best to figure it out! :)

    2. hey, if you're ever in the Central Florida area (they are a virgin hub so flights tend to be cheaper) just hit me up! :) I've been dying to take Peter to the theme parks here anyways

  2. You've got a penchant for mystery ;)