Monday, August 5, 2013

The "Real" world {shudder}

This is my last week of summer.
This is actually my last summer ever...
Well it's my last summer in terms of a "School Summer"
I graduate from my University in December with my
Bachelors Degree in Business Management.
I know...Fancy Shmancy huh ;)
ok...not really...

I'm SO excited to be done with school
but at the same time it's so scary because this is such
a pivotal time, where i'm going to have to make some decisions
about which direction i need to go in life.
Like England...ahem ;)

But...I've decided that i'm really quite lucky.
Because after graduation i'm not going to have to 
head straight into the "Real" world.

I'll either be in France or England.
So it will be a nice little break from the real world.
HA! A "break"...I haven't even dipped a toe in the real world.

Basically i'm going to be living in a dream world for about 6 months.
Ok i'm not exactly sure if i'll ever live in the real world.
Especially because of my little relationship with Tom.

I feel like there are so many adventures to come for us 
that i might just live in the dream world for a little while longer.
I mean...wouldn't you?? 

So this is officially my last real summer
and it's been the best summer of my entire life.

I remember Summers where I spent the entire break
just hanging around the house eating snacks and going swimming.
Not to say that wasn't great but...this summer really takes the cake!!!

The three weeks that Tom was here
is really all i think about when i think about this summer.
The rest of the summer was pretty Blasé ;)
I mean i worked and took some summer school classes.
But then Tom came and I just can't really 
seem to focus on anything else that happened.

This has been the best summer of my life because it had Tom in it.

Also it's really hard for me to pay attention to this blog post because
i'm currently watching Shark week on Discovery.

This is like my worst nightmare on TV but i can't look away.
It's mesmerizing...
But i'm also totally freaked out...and i will have nightmares!!
And possibly never swim in the ocean again...

This happens every year...
I'm an avid Shark Week Watcher ...but it's terrifying.
I'm so conflicted!!!

Anyways...this was all super random but that's what happens
when it's your last full week of summer and you 
have to finish up work and summer school in just a few short days.

You guys and gals have an amazing Monday!!

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  1. I can relate to the "Shark week" experience. I can't watch horror movies; I get nightmares for weeks after that, I have to sleep with the lights on, I freak out at the slightest sounds... but once I start watching a horror movie (often by chance while flipping through the TV), I just can't stop. I just have to find out what happens next!