Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I miss Tom, Tom misses Emily!
That's our life at the moment.

I don't think of the distance too much...
But It kind of hit me when Tom said this yesterday...
"You're all i've thought about for almost a year and i've only had you for 3 weeks"
First of all....girly sigh....
It's true....we've only actually been together for 3 weeks.
We feel like it's been more than that but sadly it hasn't.
Add on another week at Thanksgiving and we'll have a month.
At least it's a full month together...
I mean that's almost 750 hours with each other...
Or 44,640 minutes...
Or 2,678,400 seconds together.
When it's put that way it sounds like a lot more than a month.

We both know we won't get real time together till next year.
And we're both really impatient people.
Impatient when it comes to seeing each other.
Really really impatient.

So impatient that i'm flying over at thanksgiving ;)
Patience is something we're going to have to work on.
Because patience is key to long distance.

It helps that we're both really dedicated to each other
which makes being apart easier.
I know he's thinking of me when i'm thinking of him.
There's a lot of love in this relationship.
And a lot of trust, faith and hope.

The countdown to Thanksgiving has started.
Today we're exactly 3 months from another airport reunion.
 And this Airport reunion is going to be a little more intense than the first one.
I have never been more ready to see him!!!



  1. I definitely agree that patience is the key to a long distance relationship!

  2. It's better to have three weeks with someone you love than a year with someone you don't...right?