Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sassy Tomily!!!

Blogging about Tom is easy, mostly because he's so amazing :)
Although yesterday he was being a bit sassy...
Luckily Sassy Tom is still cute and pretty hilarious so i didn't mind.
Plus i was being a little sassy myself.
We just have sassy days occasionally...

Yesterday was amazing.
It was the first day of school...which was meh..
But then i got to spend a majority of the day talking to Tom,
We skyped and chatted on the phone most of the afternoon.

I decided to go on a walk because i'm trying this new healthy thing...
I called Tom up via Skype and we walked and talked for about an hour.
On the walk i saw the moon and it was HUGE...
And i remembered something my parents do 
with each other when they are away from one another.

My dad will call my mom and tell her to go outside and then they 
look at the moon together for a while so they can feel close.
Which is a little gross when it's your parents ;)

But i asked Tom if he could see it out of pure curiosity.
Because in my mind if it's light out and i can see the moon then surly he can't...right??
Then he informed me that we see the same sun...duhhh

So tom looked out his window 
and he was looking at the same moon that i was looking at.

And it was a really magical moment.
We live in a crazy amazing world!!

The rest of the walk i serenaded Tom with songs from Mulan 
because he told me he's never seen it before.

And we had this whole conversation before hand about the moon and 
he said Pink Floyd which led to Dark side of the Moon which led to 
me serenading him with the song "Let's get down to business..to defeat...the HUNS"
And that's how the rest of the walk went...
He really liked it...don't let him tell you he didn't!!

I miss him..
I miss him a lot!!
I'm ready for Thanksgiving to be here!!
I'm ready to see him!!

But for now i'm in school and you know it's not too bad.
I've got some pretty school supplies from Target.
Spent just $7 on a binder/dividers and a planner!!

I'm making healthy yummy dinners all by myself.
I'm a stir fry addict!!!!!!

I have REAL pictures of the boy and myself in my room!! :) :) :)
It beats Skype pictures by a million miles!!!

I've got everything all decorated the way i want it!!
These shelves are from hobby lobby and i will keep them forever!

And i learned i have a serious scarf addiction that's only going to get worse!!
 Which is totally ok with me ;)

So that's life lately.
It's been a really great week so far.
I talked to about 200 girls last night about Studying in Paris.
This recruiting stuff is good for my shyness...It also makes me want to Vom!!
Anyways i hope you're all having a great week!!



  1. Scarf addiction - tell me about it. Nice entry, by the way. You both will be fine. You just have to believe in the two of you.

    1. Thanks Julia, you are so right, and luckily I believe in us, well we believe in us haha so it works :)

  2. Um, how cute are you. I loves all these cute decorations. And Target...gurrrrl I am obsessed with that place! Xoxo

    1. haha you're sweet, thank you!! :) Ohhhh i know right, i probably dream about Target at night...I love it so much!! :)