Monday, August 19, 2013

My Fitness Pal

I feel like things get real when you blog about them.
It's like this sensation comes over you when you realize
you've told the whole world something and now you have to stick to it.

So i'm writing about a life change...
A life change that i've been wanting to embrace for a long time.
I'll cut to the chase before anyone gets really nervous about what i'm saying.

I eat so so bad!!
There is just nothing good about the way I eat.
If you gave me the choice between a chocolate bar or an apple...
I'd choose me some chocolate.

If you gave me the choice between a giant cheesy pizza or a nice healthy salad...
I'd choose the giant cheesy pizza.
No shame!!

 I think that over the past few years i've tricked myself into believing
that i would never get cellulite or stretch marks just because i was young.
HA!! Jokes on me.

No, i'm not talking about losing weight because i don't like how i look.
I love how I look, i think i look perfect!!

I do, however, feel gross.
This all came to light last week while my family was on our foodcation.
I mean, yes, I loved every second of stuffing my face with things that aren't good for me.
But afterwards i felt sick, sick and gross.
And i don't want to feel gross.
So i'm not going to feel gross anymore!

I came across this App called...
What's so cool about this app is it makes keeping a food journal fun.
I never thought it would be fun to keep a food journal.
I always thought it would be a hassle, but this little app has changed everything.

My good friend Heidi got me hooked on this app.
She is a trainer at our local 24 hour fitness and she uses the app.
And heidi is like the fittest person in the whole world so if she uses it then you know it's good!
So i got mine all set up and started playing around with it.

You have to enter some personal information like height and weight 
and how much you want to lose and how active you are.
That way it can tell you how many calories you need to consume daily 
to lose weight in a healthy way.

When you want to add food into your diary
you start by searching for what you are eating.
Then it comes up with all of these choices and you just click on the one
that applies to you and it inserts it into your diary.

It also counts how many calories are in what you're eating and
it subtracts it from the calories you have remaining for the day.
It's really really magical!!

And it's interesting to see if the food we eat is actually healthy or not.
I mean do you really want to spend all of your calories on one meal??
No, no you don't, so make better choices!!
It's as easy as that!! 

My mom and sister are starting to use it.
I just found out my good friend Lauren is using it.
And I found out Tom has the app as we're not only bf/gf
but we're also in a fitness relationship.
Trying to look good for the Caribbean?? ;) Perhaps...

It's really great to have a support system when you're going through a life change.
So if any of you have this app and want to be friends then just add me to your friends list and
i promise to accept, the email you can use is

Anyways..if you're looking for a new way to boost your
life in a positive and healthy direction, then get this app and get healthy!!
We can all do it together!! :)



  1. My friend just told me about this app this weekend! So im starting to use it today. Let our healthy life begin! :P

    xx Nat

  2. You go girl! I've heard great things about this app and I hope it helps you get in shape and make eating choices that will have lifelong effects on your health (nerdy doctor talk, I apologize.)

    Then again, every now and then a slice of pizza or a bit of chocolate is good for the soul... ;-)