Friday, August 16, 2013

Moving Forward!!

So I am back at school adjusting to College life yet again.
For the last time.

I'm sitting In my pretty Apartment in my pretty kitchen
and i'm just in awe of the changes happening in my life.

It's funny that a pretty apartment set off some serious emotions about life.
But i remember freshman year sitting in my dorm room from 1970 
and thinking to myself that this was hopeless.

I had no hope for the future as i tried my best to cover the sea foam green counter tops
and cover the cement block walls with as many posters as possible.

Now i'm sitting in what looks like a brand new beautiful apartment
and i'm amazed at all of the changes that have taken place in a few short years.

It's true that your college years fly by.
what's even truer is how much your life changes in those few years.

I'm now about as independent as they come...
but four years ago i was having a melt down on my first day being away from home.

I've traveled bits of the world.
When four years ago i hadn't gone anywhere without my parents.

I'm now in a relationship.
four years ago i thought i'd be single forever.

I'm just so happy that my life has taken some amazing twists and turns.
I've definitely grown into a stronger version of myself since 
i started school 4 years ago..

Oh by the way...i'm taking a victory lap this semester!!
I'm a four and a half year senior...Holla!!!

That's all for now...
I may be a slow blogger this week
since i'm getting back into the groove of things!!

Have a great weekend!!

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