Thursday, August 15, 2013

VLOG :) & Back to school!!

I'm all packed up and hitting the road for Arkansas today!!
It's amazing that 4 years ago was my first semester of college.
It started out rocky...I hated college...I just wanted to go home.
In the end I stuck it out and I have some fond memories of that amazing place!
My heart is happy that the studying is coming to an end
but it's also heavy because this school has changed my life!!

I would have never gone to Paris, and i wouldn't have the opportunity to go back.
I wouldn't have met my best friends Sam, Jess and Lauren!!
I wouldn't have become my own person.
I wouldn't be who i am without this experience.

The first time i talked to Tom face to face on Skype was in my dorm room at 8am.
Who knows where i would have been if I hadn't of been at my school.
I might have missed out on Tom completely.

I was put where i am for a reason and I'm so so happy
that I have a God who's plans for me are much greater than my own!!


In other news...Tom and I made a little Vlog!!
And by little i mean it's like 9 minutes long haha
I'm not sure how we made it so long.
It's worth a watch.

We're goofy and funny and ridiculous!
So if you want to endure 9 minutes of that then watch it ;)
You'll at least get a glimpse at how we are together!!
It's not the best quality but it will work :)



  1. Yes, I did sit and watch that entire video. Y'all are too cute.

    1. Haha i'm impressed girl!! :) Aww thanks you're so sweet!! :)