Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birthday Wish list & {Giveaway Winner}

First of all Congrats to Karen West!!
You were the randomly chosen winner of the $50 Etsy Giveaway :)
If you'll just e-mail me we can work out the details!!

And for everyone who entered but didn't get this one
do not fret because there is more where that came from!!
I'm already in talks with a few of my favorite etsy shops
and we're trying to work out a few upcoming giveaways!! :)
Which is so EXCITING!!


So my birthday is coming up...the big 23!!
I still feel like a 12 year old if i'm being honest...
I mean i snort laugh and I eat Frosted Flakes for breakfast!!!
If that doesn't scream pre-teen then i don't know what does...

But i have to admit my birthday wish list has changed a lot since i was 12.
I think I asked for a CD player when i turned 12...and maybe ear piercings??

Now that i'm older and obviously more grown up my wish list consists of 
Elephant Phone cases and Texas blue jean frocket t-shirts!!
I'm clearly an adult these days ;)

This wish list is very serious..
I'd cry tears of happiness if i was to have every item on this list.
I know that's probably wishful thinking...hence a wish list ;)

1. The Elephant Iphone 4s Case is so cute i can't handle it!!
Plus it's my favorite animal...on a phone case...and it's all tribally :)
I'm in love with a phone case!!

2. The Initial Necklace is such a pretty and dainty necklace.
I'd love to have a little 'e' around my neck!

3. I saw this Texas Frocket on pinterest and just about died over it!!
A frocket where the pocket is blue jean...ummm yes please!!
Plus the cute Texas and heart on the back totally won me over.

4. I've wanted Hunter Wellies for a while now.
And since i am going to hopefully be a frequent visitor of England
this seems like a completely necessary item to have in my luggage!!!
We want the feeties staying dry.
Dear mom and dad...Color: BlackorNavy/Size: 8
Please and Thank you!! :)

5. Again since traveling is in my future i'd love this adorable Passport Holder!!
Oh, the places you'll go...It's such a sweet reminder of the 
exciting opportunities that are ahead of me!!

6. And finally some of the cheapest Riding Boots ever.
And they're pretty snazzy for the price.
I really love the brown color of these and the style.
They'd keep the feeties nice and stylish.

So that is the birthday wish list.
If you'd like to partake in my birth and buy me one of these things i wouldn't hate it.
But really...

ok I kid I kid ;)

Y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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