Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This blog needs a VLOG!!

I feel like i have been withholding something very important on this blog.
Something that you're all dying to see more of.
So i'm going to try to right my wrong.

I asked Toms permission to write this blog today.
You know that's when things are serious...when i have to ask his permission ;)

I asked him if we could make a vlog together and post it on the blog.
It was something that i was going to do while he was here 
but i guess i just forgot to do it.

So recently i've found out the my Mac actually does screen recordings.
Which means i can record Skype conversations that Tom and I have.
Which sparked an idea in my head.

A Vlog where we answer the readers questions!!
Have you been dying to know something about Tom or myself?
Have you wanted to know more about how we met?
Or maybe you just have random questions you want us to answer!!

I just thought this would be a fun little way for you to get to know us better.
Plus you get to hear Tom talk...which i know is why this works so well ;)

So post questions in the comments below or send them to me via email
Or just ask me on Facebook or Twitter
and i'll pick out a few for a little Vlog.

If there are lots of questions to sift through we may just have to 
break it up into multiple Vlogs!!! 

I think this will be fun but it does take audience participation ;)
So ask away so we can get to Vlogging!!!!

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So after you leave a question on here
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The winner will be announced TOMORROW!! :)

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. A vlog is a great idea, i've always wondered if you knew you liked each other right away? Were there instant online sparks??

    1. Oh nice question!! Adding it to the list :)

  2. Oh I can't wait to see this!! You should talk about how long distance effects the relationship!! I'd love to hear about that :-)

    1. Sigh...long distance is sad!! We will definitely answer this one for you! :)

  3. Tell us about your plans for Thanksgiving!! I can't wait to hear more about it!! :)

    1. Excellent idea, there is so much to tell!! :)

  4. Maybe ask each other questions?! How much do you know about the other type?! :-)

    1. Hahaha that is an excellent idea!!! I'm excited to do this one haha