Wednesday, October 30, 2013

3 weeks, 21 days, 504 hours...till England

TODAY is three weeks till England.
21 days till Tom and I are reunited.
504 hours until my little heart is whole.
And if you want to get even more technical...
30,240 minutes or 1,814,400 seconds till i see my 
incredibly handsome stud crumpet!!

Remember July 12th when i wrote
that awfully sad post about saying goodbye to Tom
at the many crocodile tears that day.
It felt like it would be years before we'd be reunited.
And yet here we are again, 3 weeks from being back together.
It's so so exciting, i just can't even describe it!!

I'm so ready to be back with him.
Go on adventures together.
Eat pizza together.
Watch Breaking bad together..
girly siigghhh ;)



  1. Yay!!! Plus you get to be in London and for that I'm a little envious. :)

    1. Oh man i do love London but I will be in another lovely town, Liverpool ;) That's where Tom lives haha