Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gold and Glitter

I've been talking about getting an Etsy shop going,
and i'm happy to say i've finally got it just about ready to open.
The shop is going to be called "Gold Glitter Shop"
because all of the items are gold or glittery or golittery ;)

It will probably be a few more days before i open it
because i'm trying to make a few different items
so i can list multiple items for the shops grand opening ;)

Ever since i made the canvases i've had ideas
swirling around in my head...
"I can make this gold and this glittery
and i can spray paint that and oh i'm going to 
need some twine for that and and and..."
I've got the crafting bug and i'm not mad about it ;)

Tom on the other hand is a bit terrified
that i'm going to show up in November 
and be covered in gold glitter.
And he's probably right.
Sorry Tom ;)

Why do guys hate glitter so much?
It's so pretty and sparkly and once you get it
out chances are it's going to get in places you never 
even imagined it would get...
Ok, so i see their point ;)

Yesterday was spent collecting fallen leaves so i could paint them gold.
Ok Ok....i plucked a few of them too (like maybe 5)..i feel awful about it...
I'm a leaf murderer...but i stand by my story that they were about to fall off at any second...

And guess what?? I'm absolutely LOVING them!!
Spraying Gold Paint on just about anything does the heart good!

I can't wait to get started on my little project that involves these beauties!!
This weekend is going to be full of crafty projects :)
And hopefully sometime next week i will open my shop!!

Hope y'all have a great Thursday!
Tomorrow there is another Etsy Discount coming your way!!
So be sure to check that out! 


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