Thursday, October 17, 2013

Breaking Bad

So last night i finished season 4 of breaking bad.
I won't disclose the happenings of that episode for those
of you who have yet to see it...

But this is basically what my face looked like
at the climax of the episode.

Oh my goodness gracious it was intense!!

One more season to watch and i get to watch it with 
my stud crumpet thomas ;)

We're going to watch a few episodes in season 5
before i get there in November and then we're going to finish it together.
I'm dying to finish it...DYING! November needs to hurry...
So i can see Tom and...FINISH THIS SHOW!!

In the mean time i found some HILARIOUS pictures
that have to do with Breaking bad!!
If you watch it then you'll get it ;)
If you don't watch it then you 
should probably watch it!!
The End!

Hahahaha so funny ;)

Also am i the only one who is incredibly attracted to Jesse??
Because well..I am...he is seriously the cutest thing ever..
Except for you Tom..I love you ;)
But Jesse is adorable...I have a serious tv character crush on him!!!

Loook at that face :-)

I love you Tom ;)

have a great day everyone!
OH and be sure to check in tomorrow
for my first Etsy Extravaganza!!


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