Monday, October 7, 2013


The blog may look a little different.
I like it!

Other changes are coming...
Excersise changes..
And when i say changes i mean going from
not exercising to exercising...pretty basic right??

I'm currently working on getting my food intake under control.
Which is hard when you have a sweet tooth and really
like eating at sonic...those tots call out to me in my sleep...

So food is a good starting point 
but i'm so ready to get back into shape.

I played soccer/football for 13 years.
It was the best time of my life in terms of health and fitness.
I stopped playing after senior year of high school.
I remember what it felt like to go to the gym and lift weights
I HATED it but man do i miss that feeling.

So what do you do when you miss something?
You get back at it...or you find it...
Or you fly to England ;)

So here I's time to get at it.
No excuses!!
I'm tired
It's too cold
It's too hot
It's raining
It's too late
I'm ready!!

 Here I go!!

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  1. Haha I love how you had to add the /football next to soccer for Tom! Haha :) Oh and I love the last motivational quote/picture at the end! SO me.