Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Graduation just got real!!

This is my last eight weeks of school EVER!!!
So yesterday i skipped all of my classes.
I just skipped them in protest of all of the upcoming 
work i have to do + i felt like death most of the day
so it was justified...kind of...
I don't even feel bad about it!!

All i did yesterday was skype with Tom.
We skyped from 11:30am - 6:30pm.
And it was glorious!!

I couldn't have spent my day any better :) :) :)
We even  fell asleep....on a skype call...like both of us fell asleep.
I honestly think we might be some of the first people to do that haha
It was nice to spend this time together because it's probably going to slow
down in Tomily land once i start working on all of this school work.
Obviously it won't slow down that much...
but instead of 7 hour skypes we'll settle for 5 hour ones ;) 

I literally have SO much work to do in the next few weeks.
I have 5 project presentations coming up soon
I have midterms this week plus I just started reading
a book for a research paper that's due next week.
Plus quizzes/tests/bf/life/work/breakingbadmarathon...I'm swamped...

This is my swamped face ....

In other news something exciting is happening tomorrow!!
I'm getting all of my cap and gown stuff situated...
And by situated i mean they are measuring me for it...
Which is kind of all sorts of confusing
since it's basically a tent..

BUT it's really exciting because graduation just got real!!
eeeeeeeeeeep :) :) :)

Yay Graduation!!
But nay for paying for it...
Apparently it costs like $100 to get your cap and gown
and for them to print out your diploma...

I'm in a negotiations class right now so here's how it's going to go down tomorrow.
Me - Umm hello i need my cap and gown please...
Me - also is it possible to get you to email me a downloadable 
version of my diploma instead of printing it and mailing it to me
3 months after i graduate??
Me - Because i'd rather save the money you'd use to do all of that
and just print it out myself onto a canvas or something fun like that...
Maybe make it into wallpaper...i'm not sure yet but that
will probably still be cheaper than doing it through you..
Me - and is it possible for me to sew my own cap and gown??
Me - do i actually need these services at all??
Them - {blank stare}
And success ;)

Pray for me in these coming weeks...
I'm going to need it!!

-Em :)

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